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Nov. 9th, 2010

I'm not amused.

Hidan; you're not allowed to have ANY article of clothing off in public. That's final.

[Semi-Private, Hackable]

I wonder where Hidan went...

Sep. 5th, 2010

Konoha's buzzing with life now...but that just means in the end I've got more work ahead of me. Which is a good thing, really - being a mortician never gets old.

However...things have been pretty quiet, in terms of the latest case. I wonder when the next strike will be...


37 now. Every day I ask how long I have left...but I guess it doesn't matter if my heart stops anytime soon. I've got five now.

...Not one of my better birthdays. In terms of how the day went, it was alright, but...spending it as this...whatever happened to me. Just made it a tad depressing.
Have fun staying inside.

I'm going back to work. Just in case whatever phenomenon this is kills someone. Or causes a death. Looking around the journals, I've seen some pretty interesting abilities obtained. Interesting, and for a few, potentially dangerous. So if anyone loses a limb, or God forbid more, you know where to find me.


tchaikovsky another one bites the dust Pictures, Images and Photos

It's actually not all that bad, being social. You meet interesting people, learn interesting things...

I should get out more often.


Fade to Black - Random Haiku

And now fade to black

Wings of the white butterfly

Tipped in ashen dark

Incessant Rambling...

The army wounds are coming back - not the physical ones, but the ones scarred into my mind. Paranoia is beginning to kick in at an odd new color I've found, but cannot yet bear a name for. It makes me uneasy - it's unfamiliar to me, doesn't have a recognizable feeling to put to it, nor does it bear resemblance to any of the others I've seen before. It's new. It's...different. How to describe...it's not gray. It's far too lively to be gray. But it's still got a dark tint to it. Off-white...pearl? Not quite that either- a smoky not-gray...how do I use this one...it seems to draw itself to black as well...but in a different way than white, I hope, I think. It's not a color I think I'll be growing fond of any time soon...

When will this painting ever be complete...
The colors that dance before my eyes go unseen to those around me. This is not because I have lost my mind. The colors I see before me are not of spring or summer or winter or autumn - there are three. Unfortunately three. There should only be two, I think. The two I see to best fit each other are black and white, contrasting beautifully but balancing each other. Piano keys again, plunking unheard melodies in my head. Yin and Yang, are they. But there is another color in between, that little annoying gray area, an unsightly smudge that shouldn't be there. It reminds me of peeled paint and rotting flesh. I deviates from the color scheme I'm going for.

One wonders if it should be ignored, painted over, or scraped away altogether. Of course, it is the black that must go over it, should it be painted, because the white must not be tarnished. And ignoring it seems such a shame, especially when ruining such a potentially magnificent piece. So...must the black dominate, or should it be scraped away...so tough a decision.